How Our Organization Began:


A Vietnam Veteran named Wayne Crowder was participating in a homeless count in the small town of Falls City, Oregon. During this count it became apparent that a large number of the homeless population is Veterans. Wayne began talking to these Vets and asked them what is the biggest obstacles they face? Two common issues emerged, housing and apprehension. Many Veterans were living in substandard housing, such as broken down RVs or dilapidated trailers in illegal camps out in the woods. Most had reservations about approaching agencies like the VA for help. These Veterans existed on handouts and odd jobs, lived in deplorable conditions and did not trust the VA to help them. SOVAH was born from this visit to Falls City.

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Wayne secured the assistance of the Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs and the Veterans Outreach Center along with the help of Bill Adams (Executive Director) and returned to Falls City.


Over the next five months Wayne and Bill where able to help over forty Veterans. From the hearts of two people and one small town SOVAH became a calling for Wayne and Bill.


Welcome to SOVAH!

Serving Our Veterans At Home is committed to bridging the gap between Veterans and the benefits they deserve. Our mission is to support Veterans through the benefits process in the comfort of their own communities. We understand that the process can be difficult, and we are here to offer those Veterans the help they need to get the benefits they deserve.

Executive Summary

Narrative: Serving Our Veterans At Home


For many Veterans coming home is a time of joy and happiness. However, it is important to remember that reintegration can be a difficult time for Veterans and their families. After the welcome home parties and the reunion of families, some Veterans are left feeling amiable, unsure, guilty and alone. Life is different for them, they may feel angry or distance themselves from loved ones. These feelings can be difficult to talk about and although many Veterans seek help from the Veterans Administration, others choose to go it alone. Many turn to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to deal with the pain. Some move to rural areas away from family and friends and away from judgment. Still others end up on the streets and become another face in the sea of homeless Veterans across this nation. In Oregon as much as one third of  homeless population is comprised of Veterans 1. From 2008 to 2009 the number of homeless Vets in Oregon doubled 2.  It is our purpose to see that these Veterans are not forgotten.


Whatever the reason for their choice; post traumatic stress disorder, debilitating injury, psychological wounds or any of the many issues that Veterans face, they need to know that we are here for them. Many Vets are disenfranchised with the Government or the VA and will not seek help from them. It is our mission to bring this help to them through our outreach and our No Veteran Left Behind attitude. By going out into the community and interacting with Veterans in need of help, the word spreads that we are here to help. It only takes earning the trust of one Veteran in need and they will tell another. This is what No Veteran Left Behind means to us.


What makes SOVAH different from other organizations is our staff and our willingness to assist each Veteran in the comfort of their own communities. We can assist them through the process of getting the help and benefits that they need. We will listen and help each Veteran to the best of our abilities. We can assist in filing paperwork with the VA, connecting Veterans with services, clothing, hygiene items, and more.  


Regardless if you just have questions or if you need help dealing with PTSD, whatever the need we will do what we can get to each Veteran the help they need.